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New products [Norpa. aprons in new colors] are now in stock.

「Norpa. Apron NEW Color」

Just as if they were making up clothes, stylish aprons are now available with a sprinkling of fashion.

Norpa. Apron
Norpa. Apron

Norpa. Apron
Norpa. Apron

The wrap type, tight maxi length with a beautiful silhouette, and the rough bib balance the style.

The luster and resilience of the fabric, which is wrinkle resistant even after washing, will enhance your usual outfits.

Norpa. Apron
Norpa. Apron

The color inspiration came from the color combination of French accessories and clothing.

Feminine colors such as pink and lemon yellow are incorporated to create more feminine shades for women to wear.

Norpa. Apron
Norpa. Apron

The pockets and towel band, which tend to be bulky when placed on the front, are placed on the hips for a smart look and function as an apron.


Norpa. Apron KAH
Norpa. Apron KAH
Norpa. Apron GRY
Norpa. Apron GRY

Product Overview

・LOT/ 1

・Size: One size fits all (width: approx. 106 cm, length: approx. 120 cm)

・Material: 65% polyester, 35% cotton

・Country of origin: Japan

・Price: ¥8,000 (tax not included)

■ KAH(khaki)

Item Number/ 0716-017 code/ 4904277015384

■ GRY(gray)

Item Number/ 0716-018 code/ 4904277015391

Download PDF • 1.76MB

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