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In-house developed brand
In-house developed brand


Commitment to in-house development

It’s time for beauty and convenience to come together

Today, various lifestyles and living designs coexist in each other. Discerning shape and thought has evolved.

We create “what we wish we had….”
Design products with functionality are the concept of our own brand.

Price, quality and thoughts realized by our company

In product development, we grasp the market from many years of know-how, set prices and pursue product quality.
We are particular about the production location and continue to update the required quality.

[63]Rokusan 画像


As goods overflow from the market and are overconsumed, we started with the idea of creating a standard items for miscellaneous goods that can be attached for many years.

A feeling of happiness when you come across an item that you can attach to in your life. As things continue to be consumed repeatedly, the product ”this is it” will enrich our lives and hearts afterwards. we wanted to make a product that could be used on daily basis for everyone, this was how “63” rokusan was born. From appearance and presence to usability and functionality,we are developing products that can be used in a variety of life situations.


The design and the appearance,
not just the coolness of presence but also fun to use and we seek for the functional.

The Future 

We are planning to have more items that could be used in a wide range of life scenes.




Lithuania‘s linen is widely regarded as the highest quality linen fabric. We wanted to create using high quality Lithuania linen to fit into your lifestyle.


We have a lots of color variation to fit into your taste and seasons.
Not only the function that we need for the everyday use but this fashionable apron could be used for a little ways away.

The Future

We are planning to expand a clothes for wearing at home.



Now that we spend most of our time at home, more and more people are renovating and redecorating  their kitchens.
Since we have more opportunities to invite our friends at home, people are paying more attention to comfy clothes and footwear.
We wanted to make something different than others so we created a fashionable and playful apron.


With this high fashion and highly functional unisex apron it is easy for people to try even who didn’t have the opportunity to wear it, you can put it on like you wear your clothes.

The Future 

We are expecting to increase the color variation, different designs and lifestyle miscellaneous goods that will match with Norpa’s concept.


Through our know-how and domestic and international networks, We accept the development of original products.

Please feel free to contact us regarding materials and lot number.

Original product development support
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