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Vol.73 Reproduction! Tableware from the legendary general store F.O.B. COOP @note

F.O.B. COOP is a legendary store that started a general stores with a trend of cafes when Ms. Mitsue Masunaga opened it in Hiroo in 1981. At the end of October 2015, it closed its doors after 35 years of history, much to the regret of many.

Tableware from the French company APILCO was used in the cafe of F.O.B. COOP.

However, APILCO was forced to close the business midway through, and Masunaga paid homage to APILCO's designs by creating original tableware for F.O.B. COOP in Arita ware.

In 2015, F.O.B. COOP closed its doors after a long history, and now it is no longer possible to get hold of the original tableware.

It has been nine years since then.

This time, we have reproduced it in the same form as it was back then, using the original molds! !

Just like back then, these are Arita ware tableware made in Japan.

Not only are they beautifully designed, but they are also attractive for their resistance to breakage and their stable weight, which are achieved by firing them at high temperatures.

There are 8 different items in total.

Please bring them into your home with nostalgic memories.

For more information, please visit the Nankai Tsusho official note↓↓↓

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●Product : F.O.B COOP Cafe

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