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Vol.70 Leaf-shaped band that can be tied tightly @note

A cute silicone band with a leaf design from Canada's Trudeau.

By inserting the band into the hole at the base of the leaf and pulling it, you can tightly fasten the opening of a bag.

The silicone material has excellent elasticity, so the size of the ring can be freely adjusted, and you can tie it regardless of the size of the opening, and the fastening almost never loosens.

It is also heat-resistant up to 250℃ and cold-resistant up to -50℃, so it can be used repeatedly after freezing and heating.

With rubber bands, they can be pulled too hard and torn off, or you have to wrap them around multiple times, but silicone bands are highly durable, so they won't tear off and you can tie them tightly with just one pull.

In addition to food storage, they are also useful for fixing cords for home appliances, pens, plants, etc.

They are cute and functional, so they are also recommended as small gifts.

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●Product name: Silicone band 8pcs

● price: ¥990

●Brand: Trudeau

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