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Vol.69 Make your kitchen fun with vitamin colors! @note

This is a cutting board with a fruit motif from Dexus, a company in Texas, USA.

In addition to the traditional vegetable and fruit shaped cutting boards, this time we have added designs with sliced lemons and grapefruits.

This cutting board is eye-catching with vitamin colors such as yellow and orange.

The sliced design and round shape are cute, and it will brighten up your usual kitchen and lift your mood!

It is also functional, with a slightly raised edge that creates a gap between the counter and the counter, so the surface you use does not touch the counter, and you can use both sides and it is very hygienic. In addition, it is comfortable to use as it is, as the ingredients and water you cut are less likely to spill from the cutting board.

This edge is also non-slip, so you can use it stably on the counter.

Why not try the dexas cutting board, which can be used to serve cut ingredients as they are or to use outdoors?

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●Product : Cutting board for lemon slices/grapefruit slices

● Price: ¥1,760

●Brand i: dexas

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