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Vol.61 Freshly ground coffee anytime, anywhere with the 63 Coffee Grinder @note

A manual cylindrical coffee grinder with a matte black color that gives it a masculine impression.

This slim cylindrical coffee mill is easy to carry and is a popular cafe item for those who want to brew authentic coffee with a special tool even outdoors.

The double bearings make the handle rotate smoothly, allowing for smooth grinding with light force.

The rotation is less likely to shake and the handle can be turned at a constant speed.

The smart form of the matte black that fits in your hand will enhance your coffee time even more.

We also paid attention to the packaging, and the exterior is stylish.

The interior is finished like a jewelry box so as not to damage the grinder.

It is also recommended as a gift for coffee lovers.

A new coffee grinder added to the Rokusan series.

Enjoy the best cup of coffee anytime, anywhere, even the time spent grinding the beans.

For more information, please visit the Nankai Tsusho official note ↓↓↓

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●Product : Rokusan coffee grinder

●Price: ¥11,000

●Brand : Nankai Tsusho original brand "63"

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