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Vol.41 "Norpa." A functional apron for "fashionable wear" - Nankai Tsushin JOURNAL@note

Updated: Jun 7

"Norpa" is an apron for "fashionable wear" that allows you to enjoy a new era of freedom without being bound by common sense.

This stylish apron, which is sprinkled with fashion like creating clothes, can be used in a variety of situations.

NEW colors for spring 2022

The new colors incorporate feminine colors such as pink and lemon yellow, making them easier for women to wear.

In addition to the popular black and beige, khaki and gray have been added this spring.

The nuanced pale pink and lemon yellow are accent colors, making this a perfect piece for your new life.

● Product : Norpa. apron

● Price: ¥8,800 (tax included)

● Brand : ’’Norpa” Nankai Tsusho Original Brand

For more information, please visit the "official note" ↓↓↓



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