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My involvement in exhibitions [Extra Edition] - Nankai Tsushin JOURNAL @note

Ms.Chihiro Aizawa, representative of the house studio "Éden de filtre" in a town near the sea in Niigata Prefecture, is coming up with the concept for the Christmas order exhibition of Germany's räder, which is currently being held, as well as the design, layout, and display of the venue.

At the exhibition in 2019, before the COVID-19 pandemic, the highest number of orders and sales in the history of the Nankai Tsusho Exhibition were recorded.

We interviewed Aizawa, who expresses the world view of radar in a different way every year, about stories related to the exhibition and the appeal of the German gift manufacturer "räder", as a special edition of "Nankai Tsushin JOURNAL".

Please take a look at the various ideas that cannot be discussed without Ms. Aizawa and the thoughts behind them.

For more, please visit the "Official Note" ↓↓↓

『Éden de filtre(エデン ドゥ フィルト)』代表:藍沢ちひろさん



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