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Norpa. Apron" was featured in the media.

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

Fudosan Plaza", which provides not only real estate but also various information about daily life. In-house developed original brand "Norpa" apron was introduced on their Website.(Nov. 19, 2021) "Recommended household goods and daily necessities! A thorough introduction to useful goods that are worth buying.


What is "Norpa"?

An apron can be more free.

It was born from the inspiration of street fashion, which symbolizes the freedom of not being bound by anything.

The design has a slightly loose silhouette, but can be worn stylishly.

This unisex apron is made of shiny material and has a luxurious feel.

We hope that you will enjoy the new era of freedom.

Our own brand "Norpa" (Norpa)





Nankai Tsusho's official note is now open to the public with a feature article introducing the backstage of Norpa development.




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