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◇◇Looking for Räder Friends◇◇

German lifestyle brand “räder”

We offer items that fit our lifestyles, such as interior goods, household goods, and greeting cards.

More and more people are learning about the charm of Räder here in Japan, even across the ocean.

Taking this opportunity, we, as an agency, would like to spread the charm of Räder to more and more people, so we decided to introduce people who enjoy living with Räder goods on our official website and Instagram!

We are Räder lovers! !

Please join us.

Applications from companies are also welcome!

We will give Räder items to those who are featured.

For more information on the gift, please click here ↓

■ Application Requirements ■

Upload an image on Instagram that shows you enjoying your life with Leder items.

When uploading, be sure to include the hashtag #Räder Friends.

Once we have confirmed your image, we will contact you individually via DM if you would like to be featured.

(Please refrain from posting images that damage the brand image of Räder, Germany.)

By the way.

The first issue of Räder Friends is the French restaurant "L'Octave-Hayato KOBAYASHI" located in Kitasando/Sendagaya.

We will introduce the beautiful interior of the restaurant, decorated with Rader lighthouses and flower vases.

We plan to publish it in June, so please look forward to it.



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