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"räder" is a lifestyle goods and gift item brand founded in 1968 by Hartmut Rader in Germany.

The designs are filled with gentle poems and messages, and each product is born from love and attention to detail. One of the attractions is that most of the materials used are returnable to the soil and do not use petroleum materials, making them earth-friendly.

With the ideal of "a life filled with love, happiness, and laughter," the company offers a wide range of items such as interior, kitchen, garden, stationery, and cards, and delivers the charm of miscellaneous goods filled with poems and messages that make people feel kind.

(Nankai Tsusho is the exclusive agent of räder in Japan.)


Nankai Tsusho provides a variety of information on our "Note" site, which is called "Nankai Tsushin" and includes not only introductions to our products, but also various other information, such as development secrets. Please stop by and check it out.



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