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「DAIDOKOROYAZAKKATEN」Japanese style Kitchenware store-Official HP is NOW OPEN !!

Today, September 16, 2022, the official website of "DAIDOKOROYAZAKKATEN", a specialty store for Japanese style kitchenware, is open to the public. The first Kitchenware store was opened in 1985 in Shibuya, on the basement floor of the former Tokyu Plaza.

The concept of the shop was "the expertise of Kappabashi Tool District with the casualness of a Parisian market.

We received patronage not only from the general public, but also from the surrounding restaurants.

Feedback and recommendations from professional chefs have taught us what real products are.

Our daily customers, as well as the producers and suppliers who have supported our store over the years, are our treasures.

We have created this website with the idea of making familiar and familiar the familiar kitchen utensils that are indispensable in our daily lives.

We have created this website with the idea of making these familiar kitchen utensils more accessible and familiar to our customers.

We hope that as many of our customers as possible will become familiar with the kitchen utensils that fit in their hands.

We hope that this site will be a place where as many customers as possible can encounter tools that fit in their hands and are like lifelong companions.

「台所屋雑貨店」Official HP


■ 公式Note

南海通商では、「南海通信」と称して商品のご紹介以外にも開発秘話など様々な情報を「note」にて発信しています。 ぜひ一度、お立ち寄りください。


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