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Next exhibition

Christmas Collection

The exhibition for the year 2023 has ended.
Thank you very much for visiting our Exhibition.

We hold an order and supply conference every year in April.
For those who are too far away to visit the exhibition, we also hold a "360°VR EXHIBITION" at the same time, which has been well received by visitors.

Please look forward to our next exhibition.

We will announce details on our website as soon as they are finalized. If you would like to receive more information, please sign up for our e-mail newsletter from "Stay Connected" at the bottom of the page.

Past Exhibition

  • ◆ 2023.4 Exhibition 「Christmas Collection」COME OVER & COZY UP
    「COME OVER & COZY UP」 COME OVER & COZY UP こっちへ来て くつろいで 大切な友人や家族とゆったりくつろいで 心温かな時間を過ごすホームパーティー。 日常を喜び合える そんな一日を。          
  • ◆ 2022.5 Exhibition 「Christmas Collection」FEEL CALM and ART
    「FEEL CALM and ART」 Gentle with emotions and “calm” 穏やかな情緒と“凪” Deeply connected with the wish for peace Symbol of joy and gratitude “ART” 平和への願いと深くつながる喜びと感謝の象徴“ART” The beauty that crosses borders And delivers to us 国境を越えて私達に届けてくれる美しさと Have a Christmas with full of feelings and Art ARTとともに、想いあふれるクリスマスを。
  • ◆ 2021.4Exhibition  「Christmas Collection」 Light in your heart
    「Light in your heart」 心に灯火を Light in your heart anytime anywhere. Love to all the people in the world. いつ いかなるときも 心に灯火を 世界中 全ての人々に 愛を
  • ◆ 2020.4 Exhibition 「Christmas Collection」Holiday in the ROOM
    2020 Christmas Collection Holiday in the ROOM
  • ◆ 2019.4 Exhibition 「2019 Christmas Collection」
    2019 Christmas Collection
  • ◆ 2018.4 Exhibition「2018 Christmas & New Item Collection」
    2018 Christmas & New Item Collection
  • ◆ 2018.2 Exhibition  「2018 Spring Collection」  Re-Realization
    Spring Collection 2018 Re-Realization
  • ◆ 2017.6 Exhibition 「2017 NTC Christmas Collection」
    「2017 NTC Christmas Collection」
  • ◆ 2017.3 Exhibition 「2017 NTC Spring Collection  Another Perspective」
    2017 NTC Spring Collection Another Perspective
  • ◆ 2016.10 Exhibition「2016 Sweden collection」
    「Sweden collection」
  • ◆ 2016.9 Exhibition「2016 autumn / winter」
    2016 autumn / winter
  • ◆ 2016.6 Exhibition「2016 CHRISTMAS COLLECTION」
  • ◆ 2016.4 Exhibition「2016 PRIVATE EXHIBITION SPRING」
  • ◆ 2015.8 Exhibition「2015 180°re;birth」
    「2015 180°re;birth」
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