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Vol.60 Soft and smooth Rokusan towels made from the finest cotton@note

This towel is made of 100% organic cotton that is soft to the touch and has a soft and gentle elasticity.

Rokusan towels are made of Supima cotton, a rare high-quality cotton that accounts for less than 1% of the world's cotton production, and are characterized by their silk-like luster and smooth texture.

In addition, the pile, which is the key to towels, is made of 24-count yarn, which is a looser weave than usual, as a result of pursuing the best balance between lightness, moderate thickness, softness, and everyday usability.

The more you wash it, the more absorbent it becomes, and the more comfortable it becomes to use and the more you will love it.

We offer three types of towels: bath towels, face towels, and hand towels, which are the most easy to use at home.

Enjoy the firm feel within the softness.

For more information, please visit the Nankai Tsusho official note ↓↓↓

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●Product: Rokusan towel

●Price: Bath towel ¥6,600, face towel ¥2,200, hand towel ¥1,210

●Brand : Nankai Tsusho original brand "63"

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